Jon Schultheis & His M20C

Jon has owned this Mooney for sometime and decide to do a large avionics upgrade due to the fact he really likes this aircraft. Yes, This Mooney Could Us an Upgrade We are finding today more than ever that aircraft owners are finding a make and model of aircraft they feel comfortable in and are upgrading the that aircraft to suite their needs.  In most cases this makes good sense.  By upgrading the aircraft owner gets the opportunity of flying with the avionics they desire located within an airframe that suites their needs and are comfortable with.  Years later when Mr. Schultheis decides to sell the aircraft, chances are he will recoup a lot of the funds he invested in the machine; not to forget the years of pleasure he will gain from flying behind the nice avionics panel.  

As you can tell, the factory Mooney panels leave something to be desired.  Mr. Schultheis is presently working with Kevin on the design and layout of the new panel. The Dated Avionics Panel Whatever he and Kevin come up with has to beat the pictures you see on this page.  Actually the Mooney has plenty of panel space but the factory layouts just aren't using the space as well as they could have.  

The only avionics that will remain in the aircraft is the #1 KX-155 which will soon be the #2 nav/com, everything else will depart the aircraft.  Tomas is the installation tech for the project and he will be installing the following equipment:  S-Tec System 55X two-axis autopilot with auto-trim, Garmin GNS530 and GMA340 audio panel with intercom, Honeywell KCS-55A slaved compass system, Garmin GTX327 transponder, JPI700 system with fuel flow, OAT, Oil Temp, Davtron M800 clock, PS-Engineering tape player and a host of other goodies.   This will be a good project for you Mooney owners to follow along.