Ground Test Good

Tom Knoll now has all the lights up and working along with the panels installed in the aircraft.The Finished Product Ray and Cathy elected to replace the old EDO HSI with an overhauled unit by Mid-Continent Instrument.  We found during our preliminary inspection that the glideslope flag would not pull out of view and at times the compass card would not turn even though the aircraft did.  When the compass card did turn it would move 30-40 degrees within a few seconds; definately not the kind of HSI you would want in IMC.  Later Cathy and Ray will replace the troubleproned EDO NSD 360A with a reliable, real HSI such as the King or Sandel. 

Late this week Tom Knoll took the aircraft outside and tested all the systems and as I would have expected; everything worked as it should.  Later Friday I again ran the avionics through its paces from that pilot's point of view and everything was fine but that is the norm from Knoll,Better Than the Earlier ARC Look he's the best in the business.  The aircraft is now at the maintenance shop getting an annual inspection completed.  Ray and Cathy really made this project fun for us.  They are two of the nicest pilots around and just great folks.

There's Room For Future Growth

The Co-Pilot's Panel is Really Trick