The Panels Have Returned

Thursday we received the custom panels back from the silkscreen shop and as usual, the results looks excellent.  Tom Knoll is now adding ring lighting to the to the panel. It's Going to Look Good! This lighting fits between the instrument and the back of the metal panel.  When turned on at night the instruments appear to be back lighted and really stand out.  Why not just purchase back lighted instruments to start with?  Easy answer.  See, instruments with lamps inside them normally cost four times as much as standard instruments.  Do you really want to pay $1,600.00 for an altimeter?  One can use post lights but for the same price (and a lot less hassle to keep operating) you can use the ring lighting as you see here.  

Cessna 210 aircraft normally have a circuit breaker panel just above the pilot's left knee.  After a couple of decades these plastic panels tend to crack and turn yellow.  I don't care how nice the interior is or the custom panel, cracked, yellow plastic will take away from the overhaul look of the panel. Behind that plastic cover is a metal panel but looks terrible.  We've found a way to make the circuit breaker panel out of metal and they look excellent.  Take note of the picture showing the circuit breaker panel.  Tom Knoll had it coated the color of the lower switch panel.  He now has to mark the panel with the proper identification of what each circuit protection does.  We hope to finish up this project in the next five or so working days.

New Breaker Panel In progress

Installing the Lighting