The Panels Are Back

Powder coating the co-pilot's panel was very difficult due to the fact we had to add a piece of material to fabricate a bulge for the engine instruments.Compare to the Old Plastic Panels  The powder coating did not want to stick where these two pieces of material were joined together.  The powder coating shop reported they had to coat the co-pilot's panel four times in order to get a quality job.  The coating kept bubbling up at the metal joints.  The end results look really good.  Dave will give the newly coated panels a final inspection today and then it's off to the silk screen shop. Cathy Picked a Nice Color and Texture I'd like to set up a powder coating  and silk screen shop to cut down on time due to the fact these vendors take some time to complete their part of the project but it's just not cost effective.  Hopefully we will have the panels back early next week. 

In the mean time, Knoll has been fitting the radio stack and cleaning up some of the aircraft wiring (not avionics). The wiring harness is complete and Tom is mocking it up in the aircraft now.  He will have all the rack fitting and as much of the harness installed as possible prior to receiving the panels back from the silk screen shop. Fitting the Stack Being there wasn't an autopilot installation or custom lower switch panels added at this time, this