Fabricating the Panels

Tom has been busy fabricating the instrument panels and fitting the racks.  As I've said many times, Fitting the Panels and Racksno two aircraft are the same, thus we have to fabricate our instrument panels to fit each individual aircraft.  A set of finished instrument panels takes on the average 50 hours to design and fit, this does not include any wiring or other installation

Fitting the radio racks is just as important.  There's nothing worse than spending thousands on modern avionics only to look at the installation and the radios are in crooked, you'll notice it every time you crawl in the cockpit.  The installation and fitting process is not the place to take a short cut or rush.  Fitting the Co-Pilot's SideIf you can't allow the aircraft to be down long enough for a quality installation; hold off until you can.  

Tom is also adding some wiring for the future.  I'm sure within time Cathy and Ray will add a "Real" autopilot to the T210 and possibly Sandel EHSI.  They are thinking seriously about the Garmin GDL 49 weather system and the GTX 330 mode "S" transponder that will display TCAD information on their GNS 430/530.  

Knoll should have the fit checks completed in the next few days, then the panels are off to the powder coating shop for the custom color determined by Cathy.  I'm a little concerned, see Cathy had her bedroom painted pink, so I don't know what color she dreamed up for the panels. Pilot's Panel In ProgressRay didn't seem to care about the panel color, (my guess is he's learned not to enter battles he can't win):-)