Now the Windshield Goes In

Tom has removed all the old avionics at this point and now is the time to work on items you normally would have a hard timeMixing the Sealer getting to such as the nuts that hold on the lower windshield strap and the gear selector valve.  A local A&P shop replaced the selector valve due to suspected internal leaks; Mitch and Tomas are replacing the windshield.  To replace the windshield one must remove the outer, lower strip on the outside of the windshield and remove a piece at the top of the windshield via drilling out some rivets.  Next Mitch fits the new windshield and uses the proper sealer in conjunction with reinstalling the strips.  Windshields installation in a Cessna such as this one takes between 14-16 hours normally.Now's the Time to Install the Windshield  The windshield must be installed while warm; if not, chances are you'll crack it while trying to get it to fit in the frame.  

 Knoll noticed the oil temperature wiring wasn't up to speed, take a look at the wiring; it's the below right picture.  He's trying to figure out the best method of execution at this point.  There's a Cessna kit available to update the gages but they are expensive, Tom is thinking about a fix, I'll let you know how this story ends later.

Windshield Felt Pad Notice the Oil Temp Cable