Tom Knoll Starts on the Project

Ray and Cathy had just purchased this nice Cessna T210 and decided to give us the opportunity to install some modern avionics in the aircraftNote the Gray Connector loose From the Bracket.  Ray and Cathy live in the fine state of Washington and knew from prior experience that the factory ARC radios wouldn't do in the IFR environment they fly in, both are instrument rated pilots.  They owned a Cessna 182 prior to the T210 and flew down years ago so we could installed a new stack of King radios; at that time, the KX-155's were the only dependable units on the market but things have changed.  After several emails back and forth, they decided to remove the dated ARC's, and install a Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, a GNS 530, GNS 430 and a Garmin GTX 327 transponder.  We are pre-wiring the aircraft to accept the Garmin Mode S GTX 330 transponder which will display TCAD information on the GNS 530/430 screen.  Later Ray and Cathy will replace the ARC 400B autopilot but for now it stays.  We are also making previsions for a Garmin GDL 49 that has the capability of displaying weather on the GNS 530/430. Tom Knoll is adding custom panels to the aircraft and design has already been approved by the owners. First order before disassembly was to take the aircraft to the Cessna Pilots Association (located here at SMX) to rig the machine.   CPA returned the aircraft Tuesday and by 1:00PM Tom Knoll was ground running the aircraft to check out the systems to see what did and didn't work.Someone Loves to Hammer  He found several issues already.  When the aircraft arrived I wondered how they made room in the pilot's left, bottom part of the panel to install the JPI AND the intercom.  Both have very large cases.  Notice they beat in the side of the instrument panel frame to make the items fit.  Well, that's one way to create space:-)  

Tom noted that during his ground run the autopilot auto-trim was intermit. We normally do a pre-flight and ground run prior to disassembling the aircraft for obvious reasons.  Sorry I didn't get any "before" pictures, Knoll had the aircraft torn apart before the shots could be taken. Notice in one of the pics that the gray plastic connector is supposed to be mounted to a brace but for some reason have been removed and tye-wrapped in the wiring harness.  Also, there is a broken wire on the connector.  As to why this was changed, I haven't a clue.  We'll fix it while in the area.  Notice all the wiring, things will look different in the future.  The wiring harness will be about 25% of this size. 

Ray decided to replace the windshield while the instrument panel was out.  The nuts that hold in the windshield lower strap go behind the instrument panel.  Now our A&P can get to them and easily remove the hardware without if falling into the bottom of the aircraft, or in the avionics.  Replacing the windshield while the avionics are removed aids in producing a better job and cuts windshield installation cost.  We don't normally install windshields but now is the time and we agreed to install it for Ray and Cathy.. 

Great Time To Replace the Windshield

Way too Many Wires!

It's Coming Apart!

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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Phase 5 Finished