Some Disassembly Required

Ask any avionics installer and he/she will tell you one of their fantasies in life is to rip out the old stuff.  I can't explain why but I well remember during my installation years the fun and joy I received from ripping the old stuff out.The Fun Part!  I loved to look at the old, removed ratty wiring laying on the hanger floor once I the old stuff was removed.  Some of the useless things that I removed years back, I'd actually beat them with a hammer or drill holes through them.  Can't explain why, maybe it was some type of mental illness...  Today's installers such as Thomos and Steve share the same joys as I did, they love to remove the old stuff.  But I doubt you'll find them spending the time to beat the up the old, removed stuff that was removed from the aircraft.

Of course, when you start installing the new equipment, the attitude changes.  Steve and company take note of where everything is being removed from and mark any wires they they will attach to in the future.  With any installation, when equipment is removed, the weight and arm of that piece of equipment is logged so a current aircraft weight and balance can be worked out once the new equipment is installed.  By the way, always have a current weight and balance in hand when you deliver your aircraft to the avionics shop for an installation. 

Well, the fun is almost over, soon you'll see shots of the wiring harness being fabricated and the boxes being mounted in the aircraft.  But the "rip out" was fun while it lasted.

cpmm_antenna.JPG (17848 bytes) Switch_breaker_panel.JPG (31458 bytes)