PB Aviations's Like New Cessna TR182

We haven't ran a blow by blow installation in sometime due to the fact, we've covered most of the GA aircraft types that we service.  But this TR182 will be unique once we have completed the job.  No, it want have a three tube EFIS system but aside that, we're adding just about every piece of avionics that can be added to a general aviation aircraft in this class.  Our goal is to add three times the avionics the aircraft came with but only decrease the useful load by 15 pounds or so.  The owner Phil, said he would loose 15 pounds to keep the useful load as it were prior to the installation.

We're trying something new for 2004.  Here's the way it works.  Let's say we schedule you in for a install but find we are behind schedule.  Prior to your arrival, we give you the word not to deliver the machine until a later date.Original Radios  This happened to Phil, we delayed his delivery date about three weeks.  BUT when Phil did arrived, we had two installers ready to tackle the aircraft and these guys will stay on the aircraft until the project is completed.  In other words, if there is a delay with the installation, we are going to make before we get the aircraft, thus your aircraft doesn't set in the hanger without someone working on it.  Of course Phil has added to some more goodies to the original bid and as one would expect, this adds time to the project and he is aware of that and knows ahead of time how much extra time is needed. The bottom line is to get the aircraft out in a timely matter.  In order to get a aircraft out in a timely matter, there has to be a lot of communications between the avionics manager and the aircraft owner; believe me, Phil is a great communicator and we love it!  This should be a smooth installation, lets see how everything turns out for us and Phil.  Once the project is completed and Phil flies the machine for a period of time, I'll ask him to write me a letter as to how he feels the project went and if the installed equipment meets his expectations, we will place the letter on our website. We think our new method of attacking the aircraft with a crew, verses an individual installer will decrease the time the machine is "jailed" in the avionics shop. 

Phil's TR182 is a great example of a well cared aircraft but the factory avionics and panel are as homely looking as my x-wife...Well, we are going to take care of that.  Out comes all the ARC junk including the dull looking panels and lower switch panels.  We're going to install a CNX80 for primary navigation, a King KCS-55A HSI system, KX-155A  and KI-209 for the second nav/com, KN-62A digital DME, KR-87 ADF with a slaved indicator, Garmin GTX327 transponder, JPI-450 fuel flow system and JPI EDM-700.  Phil elected to install an electric backup vacuum system at this time.  To keep the Cessna flying in the right direction, a S-Tec System 55X with auto-trim and altitude pre-select will go in the panel.  A 28-12Vdc TSO'ed power supply will be added and 12Vdc will be added to each rear seat and co-pilots side to give the kids and wife power for their CD players and laptop.  A SkyWatch traffic system will be installed and displayed on the Garmin MX20.  Also WSI weather will be shown on the MX20.  Custom upper and lower switch panels will be installed along with our ring lighting.  The color of the panels and texture will be chosen by Phil.  There's some other small items we will be installing and I'll mention them as time goes on. Check this page often, I'll be updating it a couple of times a week and we expect the progress to happen at a fast pace.

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