Off to the Powder Coater

It's been difficult keeping up with the guys on this project due to the fact two men are always involved with it.  Tom Knoll found his bottle of estrogen and has been in full swing trying to get the panels out this week; he managed to do that.  Out They Go!

As you can see, the panels and lower switch panels are cut, bead blasted and ready for coating. Note there are a couple of trick fill-in's here also.  I'm not sure what colors Phil decided on but I'm sure it's nothing that is way out there.  While the panels are going, Ryan will continue with the wiring behind the panel; the prior date shows the start of the wiring.  Once we get the panels back, they are then packed and shipped to Vegas for silkscreen work.  Isn't that a lot of hassle you ask?  Yes it is but the end results are well worth it. If nothing doesn't blow up in our face, we are approximately two weeks away from deliver.  But you never know until the airplane flies if everything is working as it should.  Lets see what happens.