In Goes The Harness

While I was in the back room counting the money, Start of the WiringTomas finished up the main harness and is now placing it in the aircraft for a fit check.  The day before the harness was installed, the wiring was "ohmed" out by Ryan and Tomas; now's the time to find an error.  Once the harness is in place and the aircraft connectors installed, the boys will ohm out the harness once more. 

At the present, the harness doesn't look too tidy but that will change over the next week or so.  The racks are just laying in the radio stack at the present; that too will change.  Please note even though this TR-182 will end up having more avionics installed than many older (and some newer) corporate and airline aircraft but the wiring harness isn't that big. Why you ask?  Today's modern avionics uses data busses to transfer information around verses miles of wire.  Data buss's require less wire which in turn relates to less weight, cost and room.  I'll take some under the panel shots once all the wiring has been completed so you'll be able to see just how much room is left. 

Many of you have asked if "Phil" is the Dr. Phil on TV.  Even though both Phil's seem to have the same attitude about life, they are not the same great person.  Dr. Phil would have passed on the ADF:-)

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