Wiring In Progress

So far we've shown you the aircraft torn apart, antennas going on and servos going in.  But you might remember earlier I said we were going to put two techs on the aircraft until the job is completed. The two techs will only work on Phil's aircraft until the project is out the door.  To date, you've seen what Ryan has done to the airframe and the installation of products such as servos, fuel transducer, EGT/CHT harness, antennas and sorts. Ryan has installed much of the special cables that were needed with this equipment package. 

While Ryan has been busy getting the aircraft ready for the wiring harness, Tomas has been in the bench area working on the prints and wiring up the harness.  It's important to nail down the equipment that is going to be installed in the aircraft early so the wiring guys can get started with the prints and harness.  Until the equipment is cast in stone, the harness can not be started.  The harness you see here is in the early stages.  Once the harness is complete, Ryan will install it in the aircraft.  During the next installation, the techs will switch job, so to keep their skills honed on all aspects of installs.  Also, switching roles keeps one from getting bored.

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