Phil Elects Minimum Panel

I guess the price finally got to the old boy and he elected to install the minimum avionics required by law.Torn Apart  Thus, we gave him MP and fuel pressure.  For airspeed Phil can stick his finger out the window and figure that out.  Also, the useful load of the aircraft just increased!

Seriously, we've removed the lower switch panel under the pilot's panel, Tom Knoll is fabricating a new one.  It looks like a rats nest at this point and one would wonder if the airplane will ever fly again; even I question that from time to time.  One rule in the company rule book states: "No team member shall die when the aircraft they are working on is torn apart".  I'd hate to loose a tech during this part of the installation.  Often when I put up pics like you see here or if the owner stops by during this phase of the installation, the panic big time!  That I can understand but to us, it's like dissecting a frog, except we can put it all back together again. 

Nothing big here but I figured this would keep Phil up all night...

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