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The metal portion of the installation is going faster than I can put things up; this is a good thing.  Phil and Kevin are still working on the panel layout and that should be resolved soon.  Custom panels always slow us down due to the fact they are shipped out to two different vendors for coating and labeling, thus eating up valuable time

Part of the installation was installing an OAT probe for the avionicsNote OAT Probe.  We've found over the years the best and most accurate place to install the probe is near the pitot tube.  And if you think about it, it's nice to know just how cold the pitot tube is so to know when to turn on the heat.  In the past we've installed the probe forward of the cabin doors and in the NASA scoop on the 182's; in every case the gage would read too warm due to heat from the engine.  Take it from our 20 years of experimenting, this is the place to install the probe. 

Below, you'll notice all three of the autopilot servos are installed; pitch, roll and elevator trim.  The trim servo is the one near the green oxygen bottle.  Yes, access is easy but this one never fails!  The one buried in the tail of the airplane and the roll servo is so hard to gain access to that I couldn't get my camera in the hole are very difficult to access.  And guess what, those are the ones that cause the most trouble.  Normally S-Tec servos only need removal every 5-10 years if that, by then I'll be retired! While you can't see much of the roll servo, please notice the surface corrosion on the skin of the wing. While this corrosion isn't anything to be alarmed about; the local A&P will fog the wings with ACF-50 after the install.  Stop the corrosion now and the airframe will live for decades to come.  Also note the aft carry-thru spar.  This spar is located in the overhead and basically attaches the wings to the fuselage.  Note how shinny the metal is in this area.  We've had a couple of 182's over the years that had so much corrosion in this area that they were unairworthy and had to be trucked to another shop for repair.  The spar in the TR182 looks as good as it did the day it was manufactured.  Another shot is what the SkyWatch TCAD antenna looks like from the cabin side. 

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