Antennas Going On

It doesn't matter how good the radios are, if the antenna system isn't up to speed you'll experience a decrease inSkyWatch Antenna performance.  The large antenna on on top of the aircraft looks much like a modern ADF antenna (well, as modern as ADF gets) but it's really the antenna to the SkyWatch TCAD.  This antenna is rather large, thus a "doubler plate" must be installed under the aircraft sheet metal for extra strength.  If we didn't install this plate, chances are the metal would work around the antenna and within time, crack out. 

The GPS antenna for the CNX80 is installed on top of the wing, in clear view of every satellite in the sky.  The GPS antenna is small and a doubler plate is not required due to the area the antenna is installed and the machine being non-pressurized.  We replaced both VHF com antennas due to age and wear.  While the com antennas were off, we cleaned the surface under the base of the antenna for better grounding before installing new ones.  Notice both of these antennas have printed on them, "Do Not Paint".  That's exactly what the manufacture means. 

TCAD and GPS Antenna