Getting Close!

After a couple of weeks of delay due to having to re-mat the panels, we are back on path.  Tom Knoll has installed the pilot's side and is completing a lot of the finishing touches.  Hopefully by late Thursday the aircraft will be ready for me to take over and see how the machine reacts in the air with the new avionics.  I expect to come back with a few squawks but only a few.  Kevin is way ahead on the paperwork and has all the approvals in hand.  Tom Knoll will finish up the weight and balance issues once the aircraft is handed over to me. 

Tom and Ryan ran the aircraft today and verified all the systems were operating as they should, now it's just the small details.  But then, the details are the most important part of the installation.  Again, you may find some details that aren't complete, we are still assembling the aircraft. 

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