Back in Action

To re-cap what happened, we sent the panels out to the engraver shop and a week later they came back with two errors in the lower switch panels.  One of the errors was caused by the engraving shop that other, well it was "self-induced" pain.Right Side  At that point, we had to send the lower switch panels back down to the powder coating shop, get the coating removed and then recoated.  Then it was back to Vegas for the engraving, again.  Of course this killed about two weeks of labor; we couldn't install the upper panels until the lowers are installed, thus we were dead in the water. 

Would Phil noticed the error on the lower panels?  Probably, but there was no way we were going to install the panels with known  errors; we don't do business like that.  Kevin returned from Vegas with a completed and correct right-side lower switch panel (he didn't return with any money).  Tom Knoll started installing the lower switch panels and came in early Tuesday trying to make up for lost time.  Tom will remain on the project until it's finished, he's our fastest installer even though he's getting old and grumpy. 

Some owners would have came un-glued when we mentioned we had to add on two weeks due to an error we made but not Phil.  Phil doesn't want to sacrifice quality, he has to look at the panel every time he flies.  Years past Phil was a professional pilot until he lassoed a "real", good paying job; he's a pleasure to work with.  Stay tuned, things should happen fast now. 

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