The Wiring Continues

The last pics you saw were of the wiring harness being placed in the aircraft and to the untrained eye, it was an area of concern.  Lets face it, wiring going every where but yet, not connected to anything would tend to keep one awake.  Fast forward one week and you'll see the difference.  Ryan starting to install the connectors, in a few more days, it will start to look like an airplane again.Circuit Breaker Panel

In fact, some power test have already been completed and so far, so good.  Notice the two circuit breaker panels are needed due to added avionics, this TR-182 needs a lot of additional circuit breakers.  Thus, we installed them below the pilot's instrument panel.  The breaker panel is wired in such a way that if need be it could be removed in the future, please note the rather large, black connector that all the wires on the panel are attached to.  All the outputs from the avionics are brought out and installed in a connector for future use.  Should the aircraft owner decide in the future to add weather, TCAD or whatever, the needed wiring is close by.  This process should save a few hours of wiring in the future.  Phil elected to upgrade to the Garmin GTX330 verses the GTX327 he purchased from his adopted brother.  But Phil did good, he conned the used GTX327 transponder from his adopted brother for a low price and once the decision was made to install the GTX330 transponder, sold the old 327 for $400.00 more than he paid for it!  I was so proud of the boy,  tears came to my eyes.  

Tom Knoll recently finished the co-pilots instrument panel, now it's off to the coating shop.  Notice the avionics stack that contains the ADF and DME.  We ran out of room in the aircraft center stack, thus we had to build another.  This should look trick once completed. 

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