Out With The Old

The first part of a large installation is always the most fun.  The installer gets to rip out the old avionics and related wiring.  Things happen fast at first but the engineering and installation take a lot more time than the ripping out part.  We've also found the last 10% of any installation takes 70% of the total time.  And why you ask?  Simple, the last 10% is all detail; the things the aircraft owner will notice.  We can install a beautiful panel and strip a screw head or leave a finger print on the horizon and that error is all the owner will see.  Yes, cosmetic errors do happen but we try to keep them to a minimum. 

The picture on the left reflects the removal of the instrument and old ARC avionics.  The picture on the right reflects the condition of this aircraft.  The sheet metal in the rear of the aircraft (as well as the cabin) looks as well as it did 30 years ago.  This 210 airframe is corrosion free and one of the cleanest we've ever had in the shop.  Also shown in the right picture is the old 400A autopilot computer which was dead the day it rolled off the assembly line.  Mr. Hyde has requested that we return the old ARC autopilot computer to him in South Dakota.  You see, Mr. Hyde owns a boat company and he wants to use the old 400A as an anchor.  Yes, even the 400A has a purpose in life:-)

Out with the Old

Corrosion Free