Full Installation For Marvin Hyde

Mr. Hyde has a pristine Cessna 210.  The airframe is in outstanding condition, the big block Continental runs smooth as a top; mechanically the aircraft is in very sound condition.  But there was a problem; avionics.  It's obvious to the most casual observer that the avionics in this aircraft leaved a little to be desired.  While obtaining his instrument ticket, Mr. Hyde flew from Rapid City, South Dakota to visit our shop.  We had talked several times via the phone about the installation but he decided to fly out and look over our shop.  He must have liked what he saw because a few months later, Mr. Hyde flew to sunny California again to drop off the aircraft.  

My boys got a little a head of me and started removing the avionics prior to the picture you see here.  It really didn't matter though; those old ARC radios didn't look or work well prior either.  Marvin has elected to install a Garmin GMA 340 audio/ICS panel, GNS 430 GPS/Com/ILS, GTX 330 Mode S transponder for traffic on the 430.  An UPSAT MX 20 Color MFD will give Marvin the "Big Picture" of things a head.  The UPSAT SL 30 Nav/Com will be the back up in the #2 position within the radio stack, along with the MD-20 indicator to match the radio.  A King KCS-55A Slaved HSI system will set in the middle of the pilot's panel; always displaying for Marvin the direction he should be heading.  JPI will supply the pilot with fuel flow information and will be integrated with the GNS 430.  Storms do pop up in the South Dakota area, thus Mr. Hyde decided to purchase the WX 500 to point out the really bad stuff.  S-Tec System 55X two-axis autopilot will give Marvin time to study the charts and take a break now and then.  Of course a System 55X wouldn't be complete without the optional Altitude Pre-Select device and auto-trim.  

As one would imagine, this job requires custom panels.  Kevin and Mr. Hyde are presently working on the panel layout via email.  We have the program that allows us to send you the panel layout as we "think" you would like it and you can adjust and move items if you desire.  Special back lighting will be incorporated throughout the installation.  Yes, this is a complex job but we love the challenge.  Follow along, I'll often put up pics and a description of what is transpiring during the installation.  

Phase 1

Phase 2

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