A Damsel in Distress

Can you imagine flying in a busy IFR environment using the radios you see in this panel?  The ARC radios you see here didn't work well in the late seventies and unlike a good wine, they didn't get better as the aged.In Need of an Upgrade I'll be the first to agree, Cessna makes a great aircraft but the avionics they produced a score or so back were the "bottom of the barrel" caliber.  Fortunately, as time went forward Cessna wised up and began installing avionics by reputable vendors such as Honeywell and Garmin.  Yes, if you look hard enough, you'll still see some old ARC out in the flying community but everyday, there become less of them and that's a good thing. This Cessna 210 is in fine shape with the exception of the ARC radios; the machine is owned by Mr. Clay Clement. 

Out come the ARC nav/coms, ADF, transponder, audio panel and boat-anchor DME.  The Loran 604, Loran/VOR switching panel will be departing the pattern also.  The customer has elected (and highly advised) to replace the related antennas and wiring.  While the airplane is torn apart it the time to replace the 25 year old antennas, coax and other avionics wiring.  When possible, all the related avionics wiring is replaced.  Kevin will be takings some good pictures of progress as time goes. 

To fill the vacant spots once occupied by the disgruntal ARC's, a Garmin GMA340 audio/marker/ICS panel will go at the top of the radio stack.  Then, the big Garmin GNS530, GNS430, GTX330 mode S transponder and a JPI FX-450 fuel flow system will be added.  Traffic will be shown on the GNS530 screen when flying in a terminal Mode S area.


Phase I

Phase II

Phase III  Finished