We Are Getting Close

The install is going great.  The much dreaded elevator trim cable was installed and we have approval from S-Tec on the how to properly mount the flap transmitter. The Panel Looks Great Mitch and Tom Knoll are now wiring up the King KG-102A HSI gyro in the tail of the aircraft and finishing up some of the wiring behind the panel.

We "hope" to start turning on the black boxes Friday or Monday.  After everything is up and running we take the aircraft out and do a ground/taxi run along with swinging the newly installed HSI.  Normally if there's a problem we will find it on the ground run.  Once everything is up and running to our satifaction, we plug in the external power cart and burn in the systems for twelve hours.  Then it will be time for some test flying.  Things are looking good at this point and the finishing touches are the most important part of the installation.  As I've always said, "Attention to detail is what the pilot will see every time he/she sets in the seat".

One Heck of a Panel

A Panel Like This Sure Makes Flying Easy!