Finally, Over the Hump

As I mentioned earlier, this machine was going to be one of the most difficult installations we've ever tackled; I just had that feeling and it turned out to be true. Lower Switch Panel Nothing has gone right and working in the rear of the aircraft is difficult to say the least.  We've had a problem getting the instrument panels  to look the way they should.  Weeks back we had the panels cut out and sent them down for powder coating.  Once they returned Dave didn't like the way the powder looked and sent them back to be recoated.  A week later they arrived looking great.  Next it was off to the screen shop to silk screen the legends.  A week later we get the panels back and the legends do not meet our expectations.  Now the panels must go back to the powder coaters again to be stripped and recoated. Even the Original Equipment Looks Good Here As soon as the power coating shop returned the panels, we sent them to the silk screen shop again.  They should arrive back any day now looking the way we demand they look.  

But there's more problems.  While Tom Knoll was in the tail of the aircraft setting up the trim servo, he noticed the elevator trim cable was frayed.  Normally we would pawn this off on an A&P shop but the shops on the field are booked for months so like it or now, we've have to replace the elevator trim cable.  Replacing the cable takes about two days and it's a nightmare job to complete.  Dave discussed the situation with Mr. Ford and of course he wants the problem fixed.  The trim cable will take around five days to get and then we have to schedule in the replacement.  Nice Lower Switch Panels

Wait, I've got more!  Mitch was installing the flap compensator control and noticed it would not fit to the aircraft as called out by the S-Tec drawings.  After much discussion with S-Tec, it appears they were not aware of a serial number range of Cessna 210G's that were different than the others (140 are built different and of course I get one of them).  As always, S-Tec wants to keep their customers happy.  They hire a DER to come up with a fix for the problem which I'm sure cost a ton of money but they back their products. 

We seem to be getting back on course with this aircraft and the end results will be worth the extra trouble. Starting to Look Like an Airplane Again Mitch is now installing the co-pilots lower switch panel and the center stack is being installed at this time.  Soon it will start to look like a modern Cessna should.