The Wiring Starts

The wiring harness has been built, I'll try and get some good shots of it up for you soon.  The wiring harness is rather large as compared to most harnesses we build up now days.We Start With a Drawing The reason for that is we are installing a mechanical King HSI which requires a massive amount of wiring.  Electronic EHSI's such as the Sandel require a lot less wiring.  Dave wired up the harness on bench and now Mitch will be installing it.  

We often get the question, "Why does it take so long to make custom panels"?  Reason is they are cut by hand and made to fit one aircraft perfectly.  There's hours of figuring out where each switch and indicator will be placed.  We have to verify the instrument will not hit anything behind the panel also.  Instrument panels are one-shot deals.Notice the New Harness in the Rear  Cut the hole in the wrong place and you'll have to start all over again.  We normally discuss with the owner in detail of layout and get his/her written approval prior to drilling the first hole.