Out Comes the Old

Tom Knoll has started removing the old equipment and marking all the wiring that will stay.Out with the Old  With the exception of the KFC-200 autopilot harness, some of the gyro wiring and basic aircraft wiring, the balance of the wiring will be removed. The wiring behind the panel is marginal at best but once we are done, it will look professional which is what the owner wants.  

Tom is going to try to find away to cant the radio stack a few more degrees toward the pilot; this will make it somewhat easier to read the Garmin GNS 430 and GNS 530 along with the other goodies we will be installing. Panel is Coming Out  At the present Tom Knoll is in process of building up the radio stack and working on the computer with the panel design.  Notice the huge control behind the instrument panel; one must keep the travel of the yoke mechanism in mind when figuring out where things will go.  

We've removed a barrel of old wiring from behind the panel; most of it went no where.  At the end of the job we will deduct the weight when we recalculate the weight and balance.  My guess is the aircraft will be lighter when the installation is complete but have more avionics installed. Lots of Removed Wiring I'll get some shots of the wiring up in the next couple of days.