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ADA 396 / 496




Now you can eliminate all of those bothersom wires and antenna leads laying all over the place to your Garmin 396/496/696 / and 695 with our newAWI ADP series coil cord adapter assemblies.These inovative adapters allow all of the antenna signals XM and GPS, power, ground, signal and audio connections from your GARMIN portable GPS unit to be combined into one single instrument panel mounted connector on a retractable cable.  When not in use,  the entire GPS, Yoke mount and coil cord can be removed leaving absolutely no wires or antenna leads laying around to get in the way.  It also allows the permenent installation of only FAA approved wiring behind the instrument panel.  The package comes with a prefabricated coil cord assembly with all appropriate connectors for your GPS.  The installation kit comes with the mating connector and connector mounting plate already pre-punched for the connector to mount in.  All connector mounting hardware and a prefabricated RF coax pigtail for the GPS antenna.  The mating connector for the GPS coax (RG 174) also included for easy modification of the existing GPS antenna coax.  The aluminum connector mounting plate can be modified to fit anywhere in the instrument panel there is room.  Complete wiring diagrams and mounting instructions are included.  For information call Avionics West at 805-934-9777.

ADA 396/496









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